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Elena Artemenko

Marble No.1, “Consumption Monuments” series

Lot 52 Year: 2017
Material, technique: Marble
Size: Two objects: the first one is 28 х 5 х 5 cm, the second one is 9 х 10 х 2 cm
Estimate: $781 Start bidding: $547 SOLD FOR $1094

A series of sculptures “Marble” is an example of a very successful and ironic game with the material. What do we associate marble with, especially the rare pink from Untersberg? Of course, with something expensive, sophisticated and high. Lena takes this material and completely transforms its usual meaning: yes, it’s expensive, but doesn’t its primordial pinkish texture with white veins resemble a regular cooked sausage? Or a piece of bread? That’s how you get the most expensive — marble — sausages.

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