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Andrei Siailev

A black circle between the two structures, “Mutual Penetration” series

Lot 3 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Metal, ceramic tile, rubber glue, acrylic, acrylic varnish
Size: 70 x 40 cm
Estimate: $1563 Start bidding: $1250 SOLD FOR $1250

Andrei Siailev was born in 1982 in Tashkent. He graduated from Samara Art School and studied at Samara Pedagogical University. Together with the “Laboratory” art group, he created an experimental “Gallery of one work” in Samara, the purpose of which was to maximize the convergence of the viewer and artwork. Siailev works in a variety of media (from video to sculpture, street art to ready-made), always experimenting with the plasticity and texture of the material used. He was a participant in the first triennial of contemporary Russian art at the Garage museum (2017). The works from the “Mutual Penetration” series are a plastic experiment with ordinary ceramic tiles. Andrei invades the usual geometry of this white rectangle, forcing it to take unusual shapes and properties. In this particular piece, smooth, rounded lines form a new, refined drawing over distinct right angles. In the “Transparency application” panel, the focus is that part of the tile loses its colorful, glazed layer, exposing the red burnt clay. The artist himself calls plastic experiments with tiles, “spatial events.” It can be said that these “events” are magical. When you encounter them, you get lost–you don’t understand how it is done and how to perceive it, then you look at them and gradually change your point of view. A reflection of how art works, it forces us to look at it in a new way.

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