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ZIP group


Lot 44 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Canvas, acrylic
Size: 90 х 106 cm
Estimate: $2344 Start bidding: $2031

The ZIP group was founded in Krasnodar in 2009, borrowing their name from the Measuring Instruments Plant, where their first workshop was located. Over the past 10 years, brothers Vasilii and Stepan Subbotin, with Evgenii Rimkevich (the group has changed and now includes three participants) have come a long way since their first pieces relating to the Plant’s heritage, including the launch of the Contemporary Art Centre “Printing House”, participation in major international projects (the last of which is the most famous festival “Autumn in Styria” in Graz, Austria) and the Kandinsky Prize (2017). During this time, there have been a range of themes they’ve worked with — mainly utopia and collectivity — and a well-recognized style of unexpected themes enhanced by everyday detail, irony and optimism, and a whole lot of wood and bright colors. Three paintings from the “cosmic” series showcase the ZIP group’s interest in the universe and its gradual discovery. It should be noted that these paintings are largely inspired by the conversations the artists had with astrophysicists during the preparation of the “Zero Object” project for the Polytechnical Museum (Moscow). Thus, “Asteroid” is a visualization of one of the possible theories of the emergence of life on Earth — a collision with a huge space body. The artists, in their ironic manner, put possible forms of life inside a flaming asteroid— using color to emphasize the revolutionary nature and significance of the hour.

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