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Valerii Limonadov


Lot 10 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Canvas, acrylic
Size: 79,5 х 64,2 сm
Estimate: $1016 Start bidding: $859 SOLD FOR $859

Valerii Limonadov (1983) was born, grew up and studied in Krasnodar. He has participated and curated several exhibitions in Krasnodar, Moscow and Los Angeles. Limonadov, exploring creativity and the craft, swept from Los Angeles to Krasnodar, not stopping for a moment and without the framework of what is permitted, be it free jazz, improvisation, cartoons in the square or abstract paintings in the interior of the landowner. Absorbing and reflecting all planes of art, he’s never really been adept at the conventional, instead declaring war on it. An informal renegade — unfitting of any genre or community — in 2018 Limonadov made a series of works in both reverence and spite of Limva: a surreal post-party with Lynch’s screaming grandmother, Alice in the country of generation Z late millennials, sinking hardening illusions, disturbed body proportions, insects with computer hearts, studies and catalogs of designer drugs — simple things for someone accustomed to living inside out. Adults who fall into childhood, left without control over their own taboos, fill in the gaps of impressions with their imagination, without looking at their everyday life. Lucid dreams, false awakenings – controlled dreams are the true companions of those who do not try to explain everything. Comfortable urban environment of the public unconscious, bends around the mass of matter’s coarse angular reality. There is no need to hold on, it is enough not to have hands.

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