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Pasmur Rachuiko

Unnamed No. 40

Lot 13 Year: 2018
Material, technique: Canvas, tempera, acrylic
Size: 92 x 120 сm
Estimate: $2031 Start bidding: $1563

Pasmur Rachuiko was born in 1986 in Rostov-on-Don, Gelendzhik graduated from the Faculty of the History of World Culture of Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, and began to study art in 2012. His recognizable art style involves painting and drawing, often made in a realistic self-portrait style and genre, focusing on gender, social and national identities. He constantly changes his name and biography; Pasmur Rachuiko is his current pseudonym. The picturesque and graphic works of Pasmur Rachuiko can be decomposed into concrete, repetitive images and subjects — a carpet on the wall, a tracksuit, church domes, a high-rise building, a birch, a monument to the Great Patriotic War; a stray dog, a mugger, a policeman, a woman in a hijab. These images not only make up Pasmur’s work, but also the everyday life of any Russian city: in general, wherever the artist moves, this set remains more or less the same — as a mental map of the entire Russian space. And Pasmur’s identities, as totems or talismans, are designed to protect us from those we fear most.

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