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Liudmila Baronina

Sheet No. 4, “Let me in” series

Lot 20 Year: 2014
Material, technique: Paper, pencils, pens
Size: 30 х 42 сm
Estimate: $1250 Start bidding: $1094 SOLD FOR $1094

Ludmila Baronina was born in 1988 in Krasnodar and graduated from the easel graphics works department of the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts associated; KSUCA — the self-proclaimed Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art and Dukley Summer School in Montenegro. In her art, traditional techniques (be it linocut or drawing) are intertwined with cheap iconography and bold, funny (and sometimes frightening) themes from which the artist creates the mythology of modern life. The drawings from the “Let me in” series, shown at Liudmila Baronina’s solo exhibition in Moscow, are striking with their carefulness to odd detail. It’s as if the imagination itself draws the fairy tale, trying not to miss the slightest nuance: the backs of scarab beetles glisten, colorful wings of butterflies fade, a haunted forest hides in a plastic bottle and daydreams grow on stones.

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